Music Services

From intimate weddings and family celebrations to community concerts and church services, Klatt Temporary Service can furnish the much needed instrumental and vocal talent for your event. Klatt will find the perfect fit and type of musician you desire.

As a temporary service established back in 1975, we can fulfill all the legal obligations and requirements of the Department of Labor for your protection. We cut the paycheck, file the taxes. The client simply pays an invoice, the musician receives their check, and at the end of the year, a W-2 is sent directly to the musician. In other words, Klatt takes care of all your needs.

Owner Judy Davis purchased Klatt in 2002 after having been an employee for 23 years. While she continues to place office temporaries, her passion has long been music. Recently, Judy recognized a need to match artists with those seeking talent for their event. While Judy is a member of her church choir at St. Matthias, the Ravenswood Community Orchestra, the Oakley Street Cello Ensemble and Bach and Beyond Ensemble, she feels her real gift is in recognizing the great talent of others and making excellent placements for a perfect fit.

The extensive data bank at Klatt Temporary Service means that all records are kept permanently and therefore can be retrieved several years later so that wonderful bassoon player from a past event can be contacted for your next special occasion. Remember, we search out talent every day and that is what we do best. When it's down to the wire and you have a million other things to organize for your event - let Klatt help you find the musical talent you need for your celebration.