Find talent to meet your business needs

Klatt is ready to meet all of your office needs 24/7 including clerical, reception, word processing, creative, marketing, graphics, data entry, and more.

Why Use a Temporary Employee?

Using Klatt is an efficient and cost effective way of getting quality work done. As a client you save by only paying for hours worked and not paying for medical benefits, absences, insurance or unemployment taxes. Working with Klatt provides an opportunity to assess an employee’s performance and reliability ensuring an excellent match for your company.

Why Use a Klatt Temporary Employee?

Klatt represents only professional and well-trained employees. We go to great lengths to assure the reliability, compatibility and professionalism of our team. Being a well respected independent service, we cater very closely to our clients’ needs and specifications. Your 100% satisfaction is our primary concern.

Klatt is locally owned and certified as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE) helping companies to meet quotas & increase diversity. Klatt has maintained 35 years of dedicated service creating long lasting relationships with both customers and employees so we can better meet your needs.
Our personal attention with our staffing team creates loyal employees. Weekly Friday check pick-up allows our counselors to immediately check time sheets for tardiness, absences, errors and discrepancies. This time also provides the opportunity to maintain a positive relationship and to observe the attitudes and appearances of our employees each week.
Klatt requires a minimum of one year office experience for all members of our staffing team. Every applicant is thoroughly screened and tested on skills, punctuality and reliability. Our counselors check references on each eligible applicant.
Klatt uses Kenexa Prove It to test each applicant on software that may be used on an assignment. Because our system is in-house, our counselors can monitor the punctuality, work pace, attitude, and office demeanor of our employees before they work with you.
Every Klatt employee is evaluated by the immediate supervisor while on each assignment for quality, punctuality, dependability, attitude and appearance. These responses are kept on the employee’s permanent record.
Most of our temporary employees come from client recommendations, employee referrals and personal relationships. Many employees have worked 12 to 15 years with Klatt.
Klatt guarantees our service so that you will not be billed for unprofessional service.
Your company is provided with a Hold Harmless, Workers’ Compensation, and General Liability Insurance.
All Klatt employees are checked through HireRight, Inc., an employment screening service which disseminates information concerning employment dishonesty or retail theft.
Klatt will keep you as a client well-informed of the status of your order to assure your exact assignment needs are being met.

Hiring Information


Klatt Employment Services can help staff your office with professional temporary or permanent employees.

Please notify us if you decide to permanently hire a Klatt temporary employee that is working for your company. That notification begins a 90 day waiting period in which the employee remains on Klatt’s payroll. After that time, there is no additional charge to the employer.

If a client chooses to transfer any Klatt employee to the client's payroll or the payroll of another staffing service during this assignment or 90 days thereafter, the client will pay 125 times the hourly billing rate.

Submit a Work Request

If you are interested in hiring a Klatt employee, please send us an email at with the following information:

  1. Company name
  2. Company address
  3. Name of hiring manager
  4. Phone number
  5. Type of work
  6. Work start and end date